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Don’t drink on an empty stomach

While the rest of us are inclined to observe Valentine’s Day in the usual silly ways, Anna Hazare has decided to treat himself to sweet nothings. Or, at least, to nothings. The man who made fasting cool in our era of ‘food selfies’, much before the advent of its intermittent variety, has announced that he will go on an indefinite fast – don’t try this at home or without consulting your nutritionist – to protest against the Maharashtra government’s decision to allow the sale of wine in supermarkets and walk-in (soberly) stores.

Hazare hates wine, and we suspect alcoholic beverages in general. His primary concern is, according to the letter he has sent CM Uddhav Thackeray (whose father famously liked his beer warm), that opening up these stores to the good stuff ‘can lead to young children becoming addicted… and women may also suffer due this decision’. Women who like their plonk in the state (of Maharashtra, not of inebriation) are yet to respond to the Great Teetotalitarian putting them at par with ‘young children’. Why ‘young children’, by which one supposes means sub-teens, would be glugging a Sula is something that leaves us with Hazare questions. Easier access to wine in more stores for those who imbibe wine is a good thing. But we advise responsible drinkers to not quaff on an indefinite or intermittent empty stomach.

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