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Biden, Putin conclude call over de-escalation of troops around Ukraine

Moscow: Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin have concluded a call to discuss the crisis in Ukraine as the White House says intelligence shows Russia could invade on short notice. The call lasted 62 minutes, according to the White House.

Biden planned once again to call on Putin to de-escalate and pull back the well over 100,000 Russia troops that have massed near Ukraine’s borders.

The US Picked up intelligence that Russia is looking at Wednesday as a target date for an invasion, according to a US official familiar with the findings. The official, who was not authorised to speak publicly and did so only on condition of anonymity, would not say how definitive the intelligence was.

The White House says publicly that the U.S. Does not know with certainty whether Putin is committed to an invasion. Russia denies it intends to launch an offensive against Ukraine.

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