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An outer inner voice made her do it

Like Pinocchio‘s grasshopper conscience-cum-adviser Jiminy Cricket, we all have an inner voice we choose to either listen to or ignore. Some have an external version of one’s mann ki baat. In the case of former NSE MD-CEO Chitra Ramkrishna, this outer inner voice happens to be an anonymous yogi that she described to Sebi as being a ‘spiritual force that could manifest itself anywhere it wanted and did not have any physical or locational coordinates and largely dwelt in the Himalayan range’. Sebi, being short on spirituality and long on security, isn’t impressed. Not only has it barred Ramkrishna from associating with any institution involved with the markets, but it has also slapped her with a fine of ₹3 crore. Perhaps the yogi can chip in with the latter.

As part of general advice she apparently sought regularly with the ‘all-knowing’ holy man, the CBI maintains that Ramkrishna appointed Anand Subramanian as NSE’s operating officer and the MD’s adviser. On top of that, the abstraction that is the yogi also told her to keep increasing Subramanian’s compensation package in a ‘frequent, arbitrary and disproportionate’ manner. This kind of anomaly only happens in India, apparently, when a godman gives the okay. One can only thank one’s lucky stars that Ramkrishna did not say the devil made her do it.

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