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Happy St Skeletor’s Day to Everyone

The day after everyone’s silliness over hearts, teddy bears and sweet nothings has subsided is the best day to remind folks what today is: St Skeletor’s Day.

It is essentially the very antithesis of what Valentine’s Day is — celebrating being bereft of a boyfriend or girlfriend, and playing up the joys of being romantically or erotically unattached. Named after the super villain in the 1980s animated TV show, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, February 15 is not just the Ides of February but also the day devoted to the destruction —or, at least, disruption — of love.

Created in 1998 by the comedian Richard Herring, observing this wonderful non-love day means not having to say, ‘Love means never having to say sorry,’ or buying gratuitous cards and gifts. Even saying, ‘Will you be my Skeletor?’ becomes redundant.

Herring has said that this day allows one to push a couple holding hands into a puddle, scatter social media with spoilers of romcom movies, break off relationships without having to explain anything. St Skeletor’s Day can even, like its cheesier opposite celebrated the day before, have business houses tie-up and have ‘Anti-Love’ special sales and events.

Remember, St Skeletor’s Day is not about hatred but about saying no to love. As a wiser version of Anarkali would have said, ‘Pyar nahi kiya to darna kya?’

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