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Top Indian universities plan to set up outposts in Britain | India News – Times of India

LONDON: Leading Indian universities and IITs are in talks to open up outposts in Britain to cater to British students.
This comes as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks to internationalise Indian higher education — one of the recommendations of the New Education Policy of India.
Michelle Donelan, UK higher education minister, tweeted on Monday: “Our door is always open to the IITs, which could be a tremendous asset to this country. Mutual cooperation in higher education is a great source of strength and friendship between the UK and India.”
Gaitri Kumar, high commissioner of India to the UK, confirmed at an Observer Research Foundation webinar: “Foreign institutes of repute are invited to establish branches of their institutions in India. We have only last week shared the desire of our IITs to open campuses in the UK and I must say that this has been well received. This is another thing I’ll be working on immediately to get the IITs and interested universities here together. India would like her partners to consider India as more than just a market for education because we seek to forge international knowledge relationships, as we believe in an ancient proverb that knowledge is the only wealth that when shared enriches the giver and receiver.”
Former universities minister Lord Johnson of Marylebone, UK PM Boris Johnson’s brother, said it is important for the UK to intensify its higher education and research ties with India, as the UK is currently overly dependant on China, which brought with it significant risks.
“If there is one country today with the human capital and economic potential to equal China and to become a knowledge partner of comparable importance for the UK it is India. The sheer number of potential flashpoints with a newly assertive China means that the risk of some kind of geopolitical disruption to the China knowledge relationship is material. You can see from the strength of interest of the UK side that there would be a very warm welcome. If an Indian higher education institution wants to set up in the UK, all it would have to do is to register with Office for Students, pass relevant quality assurance processes and crack on with it,” Johnson says.
Johnson thinks this will help “balance the relationship in higher education”, which is a bit lopsided at present with so many Indian students coming to the UK but so few UK students choosing to study in India.
In 2020-21 53,000 Indian students came to the UK to study and only 173 British students went to India.
“It will be a fantastic way for India to internationalise its own big global brands in education and there are no brands bigger than the IITs potentially on the world stage with their track record of producing highly sought after graduates and also scores of global CEOs. There is a path for them to open up in their own right in the UK or they could come in in partnership with a UK institution,” he said.
Sanam Arora, chair of NISAU UK, said: “In India, we talk of the word jugaad — innovation – Indians are very innovative by design and that natural entrepreneurial bent of mind when combined with the research excellence and ecosystem of the UK can lead to positive outcomes for both countries.”

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