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bill: Govt moots stricter control of fertiliser sector with proposed bill | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: The fertiliser ministry has proposed to bring an ‘Integrated Plant Nutrition Management Bill’ to promote the use of bio- and non-chemical fertilisers. In the proposed Bill, the ministry has recommended the setting up of a regulatory body to control prices, supply and import of fertiliser, and also mooted appointing ‘fertiliser inspectors’ with sweeping powers including to enter, search premises and also confiscate stock if they have “a reason to believe” that the nutrients manufactured, imported, sold, offered for sale, stored, exhibited for sale or distributed in contravention to any of the provisions of the proposed Act or the rules.
Industry sources said while some provisions of the proposed bill are aimed at making things better and easier, there are also provisions which could bring back the ‘inspector-raj’. A senior executive of a fertiliser company said the proposed powers for inspectors could cause unnecessary chaos.
According to the draft Bill, the Centre may fix the maximum price at which fertilisers would be sold and may also fix separate prices for fertilisers having different periods of storage or for different areas or for different classes of consumers considering the local conditions.
It also proposes to set up an Integrated Plant Nutrition Management Authority of India, which would regulate the manner of registration for manufacturers of fertilisers, set out technical standards with respect to the quality of fertilisers and fertiliser products, and promote the sustainable use and development of innovative varieties.
Another proposal is to appoint fertiliser inspectors. They may have the powers such as seeking any information in their possession from any manufacturer, importer, fertiliser marketing entity, wholesale dealer or retailer regarding the manufacture, storage and disposal of fertilisers.
It proposes that the inspectors would have the authority to enter and search any premises. They would have the power to seize or confiscate any fertiliser which they have a reason to believe contravenes the standards of quality established by the proposed Act.
The Bill proposes hefty fine and also jail term for violators of the proposed law.

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