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The artist’s reality

Nothing can be more real to an artist, than what she expresses from the depths of her being through painting, sculpture, music, literary work or dance movement, because, art relates to the human spirit. No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist, said Oscar Wilde.

Art is creative expression that sets you free; you can soar beyond human-made boundaries by reaching into the palette of your soul. What could be more spiritual than this, since art is deeply connected to one’s inner spirit? It is eloquent without having to be verbose.

To be spiritual is to be free, and artists, by nature, are free spirits. Art connects the artist to her own self and to a higher consciousness, the universal spirit that breaks free. Art touches mind, body, spirit and soul.

Therefore, art has nothing to do with reality, which, as spiritual masters would say, is maya, illusion. In that sense, the artist is already ahead of other seekers on the spiritual path, since she is not shackled by what we believe is real or what we call as reality in the material world.

Spiritual pursuits are believed to heal; so does artistic pursuit. Which is why mental health experts recommend art as therapy to heal a fractured mind. Art is meditative, creative, sacred, expansive, transcendental, healing, uplifting and connects the individual to a higher realm as well as to his own self.

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