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Why Mamata B could well try sue Mark Z

We like Mark Zuckerberg because he likes change. But we think he may have gone a bit overboard these days. And we aren’t even talking about the great metamorphosis from Facebook Inc to that other name that nobody bothers to call the company that runs Facebook. In a move that bears shades of Subrata ‘Mogambo khush hua’ Roy’s Sahara India Pariwar, the Zuck now wants Facebook employees to be called Metamates. Not quite Playboy Bunny, but certainly getting there. Then comes the new company motto: ‘Meta, Metamates, Me.’ We are yet to confirm whether Mamata Banerjee has planned to sue Facebook for copyright infringement.

Some other reported changes by Mark Meta-Megamind this week are upgrades in company values – ‘move fast’ is now ‘move fast together’ (lest anyone is left behind sulking in a white padded-chamber corner at Menlo Park?), ‘be bold’ is now ‘build awesome things’ (which could well have been the Lego motto), and the new grown-up sounding ‘focus on long term impact’. The changes have been announced after the grim fourth quarter results earlier this month. Old print media pundits that we very well are, may we suggest Zuckerberg bring in a new catchphrase that could galvanise his very socially awkward social media company? ‘Let there be light.’ It has, reportedly, worked wonders before.

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