Free skin disease check-up camp benefits leprosy patients in Baharagora

Baharagora, East Singhbhum:

A one-day free skin disease check-up camp was organized at the Community Health Centre-Baharagora on Friday, where self-care kits and MCR slippers were distributed to the disabled patients suffering from leprosy.

The camp was conducted by the District Nucleus team, which confirmed 17 suspected leprosy cases out of the 45 patients who attended the camp. Two patients were given free multi-drug therapy (MDT) medicine, which can cure leprosy completely if taken regularly.

Dr. Utpal Murmu, the medical officer in charge of the Community Health Centre, said that leprosy is a curable disease and not a curse. He urged the people to treat leprosy patients with dignity and compassion, and to seek early treatment to prevent disability.

He also dispelled some myths about leprosy, such as it being contagious by touch or related to the sins of the previous birth. He said that leprosy is caused by a bacteria that affects the nerves, skin and eyes, and that it can be treated for free in all government health centers.

Dr. Murmu also distributed self-care kits and MCR slippers to five patients who had developed disability due to leprosy. He explained that self-care is vital for leprosy patients to prevent further complications, such as ulcers, infections and deformities. He advised them to keep their skin clean and moisturized, to protect their hands and feet from injuries, and to wear protective footwear.

Kamdev Besra, the regional coordinator of Damien Foundation, a non-governmental organization that works for leprosy eradication, also addressed the camp. He informed the patients about the possibility of reconstructive surgery, which can restore the function and appearance of the affected limbs and eyes. He said that Damien Foundation provides free surgery and rehabilitation services to leprosy patients who need them.

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