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A Handcart Laborer Honored for His Honesty in Chandil

Chandil, Jan 9: A handcart laborer who returned a lost purse containing Rs 10,000 and other valuables to its owner was honored by the local community in Chandil on Tuesday.

Ganesh Kalindi, a resident of Kalindi Basti, found the purse on Monday while he was working in Chandil Bazar. He noticed that the purse had an ATM card, a driving license, and other important documents along with the cash. He decided to look for the owner and return the purse to him.

He managed to contact the owner, Jagannath Chatterjee, a businessman from Chandil, and handed over the purse to him. Chatterjee was surprised and grateful to Kalindi for his honesty and integrity. He offered him a reward, but Kalindi refused to accept it.

Kalindi’s act of honesty soon spread in the town and he received praise and appreciation from many people. A program was organized at Rahul Palace auditorium to honor him for his exemplary behavior. Sukhram Hembram, a senior leader of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM), was the chief guest at the event. He felicitated Kalindi with a shawl, a garland, and some financial assistance. He also praised him for being a role model for the society and said that honesty is the best policy.

Kalindi thanked Hembram and the people of Chandil for their recognition and support. He said that he did not do anything extraordinary, but only what his conscience told him to do. He said that he believes in working hard and living honestly. He also said that Hembram has always motivated him and others to do good deeds.

The program was attended by many people from different walks of life, including Vishwanath Mandal, Hadiram Soren, Varun De, Nandu Gupta, Budheshwar Gop, Bhaskar Tudu, Shankar Hansda, and Madan Banerjee. They all applauded Kalindi for his honesty and wished him well for his future.

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