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Bank of India’s CSPs Protest Against Increased Transaction Fees via Aadhaar Card

Majhgaon, Jharkhand – In a three-day statewide strike from April 22 to April 24, more than 2500 Customer Service Points (CSPs) associated with the Bank of India are protesting against the unexpected increase in transaction fees for cash deposits and withdrawals through Aadhaar cards. The bank has unilaterally raised charges for transactions other than those related to Jan Dhan accounts, causing concern among CSPs.

Starting from April 1, a GST (Goods and Services Tax) of 18% is being levied on deposited or withdrawn amounts, along with an additional ₹25 fee. This rule is not applicable in other banks, and even the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has not provided clear guidelines regarding this matter. The CSPs in Majhgawan Prakhand of the Bank of India have demanded that the bank immediately withdraw the fee hike for cash transactions and implement six free transactions per month. Otherwise, they fear that such a policy will adversely affect the bank’s customers, especially senior citizens, pensioners, economically weaker sections, and women.

The CSP union members have taken this decision to strike without prior written notice, citing the Election Code of Conduct as their reason. During this strike, CSPs from Majhgawan Prakhand, including Hare Krishna, Vinay Purti, Aamir Azad, Suresh Chatar, Raghunath Alada, Kavi Ram Hembram, Ramnath Jerai, Sikandar Tiriya, and Suraj Chatar, will refrain from conducting any bank-related activities. The financial losses incurred during this protest will also impact the CSP operators themselves.

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