Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates Uttarakhand Global Investors Conference in Dehradun

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated the two-day Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit at the Forest Research Institute, FRI, Dehradun. The main objective of this conference is to establish Uttarakhand as a new center of investment. In the program organized on this occasion, Pm Modi said that Uttarakhand Global Investors Conference is a golden opportunity to invest in the state. He said that there has been rapid development of road, rail and air sector in Uttarakhand, which will make it easier for industrial groups to invest in the state.

Referring to the tourism sector, Modi said that there is immense potential for investment in tourism in Uttarakhand. He appealed to the countrymen to establish Uttarakhand as a destination wedding instead of organizing weddings in foreign countries and getting married within the country. Modi stressed that the present time is the time to strengthen the local supply chain and micro, small and medium industries in the country. He said that the country will have to focus on increasing exports and reducing imports.

The Prime Minister said that in his third term, India will emerge as the third largest economy in the world. Shri Modi asked investors to cooperate in capacity building for the development of the country. He appealed to the investors to become partners in the development of the state by investing in Uttarakhand. Shri Modi expressed hope that industrial groups will invest more and more in Uttarakhand by taking advantage of the investor friendly policies of the state.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister also launched the House of Himalayas Broad, the women self-help groups of the state. He said that with this brand the work of making 2 crore rural women millionaires will be completed rapidly. Earlier, the Prime Minister held a road show in which he was welcomed by local women in traditional attire. The Prime Minister also visited an exhibition organized in connection with the Global Investors Summit. Thousands of investors and industry groups from India and abroad are participating in this conference.

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