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Saudi Arabia’s Visionary Project: THE LINE

The Line Project
The Line Project

Saudi Arabia has embarked on a revolutionary journey with its ambitious project, THE LINE. This futuristic linear city, stretching across 170 kilometers, is part of the larger initiative called NEOM, aimed at developing an eco-friendly region in the northwest of Saudi Arabia.

A New Era of Urban Living
THE LINE is a cognitive city that redefines the concept of urban development. It is designed to have no cars, streets, or carbon emissions, and will run on 100% renewable energy. The city will preserve 95% of the land for nature, prioritizing people’s health and wellbeing over transportation and infrastructure.

Unparalleled Access to Nature
The progressive design of THE LINE offers immediate and uninterrupted access to nature within a two-minute walk. The city will be zero-carbon, enhancing air quality through the integration of nature and open spaces.

More Time for Loved Ones
All daily essentials will be accessible within a five-minute walk. An efficient public transport network will offer a rapid end-to-end journey. Automated services powered by artificial intelligence will improve daily life for its citizens.

A Perfect Climate All-Year-Round
The environment has been carefully designed to allow for an optimal balance of sunlight, shade, and natural ventilation. The green open spaces throughout the city will further enhance the comfort for those living, working, and visiting here.

THE LINE is a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to sustainable development. It is a beacon of innovation, shining a light on alternative ways to live. As the first development of a $500 billion project in NEOM, THE LINE is set to create around 460,000 jobs and add an estimated $48 billion to the country’s GDP.

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