Chinese Rocket Crashes After Accidental Launch During Ground Test

GONGYI, CHINA: A Chinese rocket crashed into the hills of Gongyi in central China after being accidentally launched during a ground test. The incident occurred when the first stage of the Tianlong-3 rocket detached from its launch pad due to structural failure. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported.


Key Details:

  • Cause of Crash:
    • The rocket’s separation from the launch pad was attributed to a “structural failure” of the test bench, according to Space Pioneer, the company responsible for the launch.
    • The onboard computer automatically shut down the engines upon detecting unusual activity, leading to the rocket’s descent toward a hilly area near Gongyi.
  • Safety Measures:
    • Although parts of the rocket stage scattered within a “safe area,” the crash caused a local fire.
    • Beijing Tianbing (Space Pioneer) confirmed that there were no casualties.

This incident highlights the importance of rigorous safety protocols during rocket testing and underscores the need for continuous improvements in space exploration technology.

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