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Union Home Minister Amit Shah Hails New Criminal Laws as Milestone in Modernizing Criminal Justice System

New Delhi, July 1: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has hailed the three new criminal laws that came into effect yesterday as a significant milestone in creating the most modern criminal justice system in the country. Shah asserted that the new laws, rooted in Indian ethos, will ensure speedy justice, protect victims’ rights, and prioritize crimes against women and children.

Addressing the media in New Delhi, Shah emphasized that the earlier criminal justice system primarily protected police rights, but the new laws will safeguard the rights of victims and complainants. He also highlighted the inclusion of provisions against mob lynching in the new legislation.

Shah criticized the opposition for spreading misinformation about the laws, stating that they are aimed at transforming the criminal justice system to make it more efficient and effective.

The three criminal laws, which came into effect on July 1, are:

1. The Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act, 2022
2. The Indian Penal Code (Amendment) Act, 2022
3. The Evidence Act (Amendment) Act, 2022

Written by Zamir Azad

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