Discover the Wild Charm of Dehradun Zoo: A Haven for Nature Lovers

Dehradun Zoo
Dehradun Zoo

Dehradun Zoo, situated in the foothills of Shivalik range in Dehradun, is a beautiful place to visit for all nature lovers. This zoological park, known as Malsi Deer Park, serves as a natural, educational as well as a conservational hub. Jungle Safari Spread over 25 hectares of lush green vegetation, Dehradun Zoo provides ample scope to study the rich fauna habitat. One can see majestic two-horned deer, prowling leopards and graceful Neelgai, multi-coloured birds including chattering parrots, majestic peacocks, flying owls, chirping parakeets and macaws, etc. all performing natural orchestra in the zoo.

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Serpentine Swiftness and Fishy Fancies A special reptile house is under construction for snakes, which will be a great attraction for herpetology enthusiasts. The newly developed aquarium ‘Aquatic World’ consists of many exotic freshwater and marine fish species including Silver Shark, Oscar fish and Aligator fish, which are sure to enthrall all visitors to the zoo. Dehradun Zoo Dehradun Zoo is not just another place to visit; it is something special and delightful. It promotes knowledge about wild animals and their conservation in the natural habitat. The zoo is an asset for the region and located at a beautiful place for family get together, picnics by school and colleges, a paradise for photographers to click beautiful natural and animal scenes.

Dehradun Zoo is a major attraction among the tourist spots . It is a pocket of peace. The zoo is away from the hustle and bustle of city life. One can enjoy the nature and its beauty here. The contribution of the zoo in the field of conservational education is very valuable and for this reason, it draws many tourists from all over the world.

Photography in Dehradun: Capture Nature – Eco-Tourism in Uttarakhand: Green TravelUtterly a different and memorable experience, Dehradun Zoo is. Each road within the zoo premises leads to some or the other wonderment and each spot has its own story.

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