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“UK Goes to Polls: Millions Cast Votes to Elect New Prime Minister”

Millions of voters in United Kingdom are set to cast ballots in the crucial general elections today as the nation prepares to usher in a new Prime Minister. The voting will begin at 12:30 PM Indian Standard Time and will continue till 03:30 AM tomorrow. As soon as the voting finishes, the process of counting of votes will begin to decide the next Prime Minister of the country.


In late May, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had announced a snap general election in a statement outside Downing Street, on a rain-soaked day as his Conservative Party was facing an uphill struggle to extend its 14 years in power.

The main contest in the country is between Prime Minister Sunak’s Conservative Party and his opponent Sir Keir of Labour Party. Both the parties held intense campaigning in past few days to woo the voters. This election is crucial as the voters will elect a new government and will also pass their judgement on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s 20 months in office. Sunak’s Conservative party has been in power in UK since 2010. Political analysts have suggested a historic election with the main opposition party, Labour, on course to usurp the Conservatives.

The voters across four constituent countries England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will cast vote on 650 parliamentary constituencies. In 2019, when general elections were conducted last time, a voter turnout of 67.3 per cent was recorded.

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