“Piyush Goyal Stresses Drones’ Potential in India’s Development, Assures Government Support”


New Delhi: Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal today highlighted the significant role drones can play in India’s development, particularly in agriculture and weather monitoring. Addressing the International Innovation Conclave in New Delhi, Goyal reiterated the central government’s commitment to promoting drone technology.

The Minister emphasized that the Production Linked Incentive scheme provides a much-needed boost to the growth acceleration of the drone industry. He assured that the government is determined to support industry bodies to ensure the sector’s self-reliance. Goyal highlighted Prime Minister Modi’s vision to make India the world’s third-largest economy during the current government’s third term, emphasizing the need to operate with three times the speed and energy.

Goyal stressed that the central government’s push towards innovation and technology, particularly in the drone sector, will have a multiplier effect on various industries and contribute significantly to India’s overall economic growth. He assured that the Ministry will continue to provide support in regulatory, financing, and marketing avenues to help the drone industry thrive.

The Minister also noted that the government has made substantial investments in infrastructure development, which is expected to have a positive impact on the economy. With the government’s support, the drone industry is expected to play a significant role in India’s development, particularly in agriculture and weather monitoring.

Written by Zamir Azad

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